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We’re pretty proud of our track record here at Tropicana Student Living. In a recent survey of our residents, 92.5% rated their overall Tropicana experience as Good to Excellent. Further, 97% of residents feel safe here, and 93% of our residents say they have made friends at Trop. The cleanliness of both our overall building and our on-site café received high marks as well.

Our staff gets superior ratings, too, with RAs and housekeeping receiving 89.5% good to excellent votes; professional staff and maintenance receiving 90.5% and 91.5% good to excellent ratings, respectively; and our front desk staff topping the ratings with 95% good to excellent scores.

Our Café workers got high marks for friendliness and speed of service, and the overall food service received a 91.5% good-to-excellent rating, with the salad bar, hot lunch entrees and desserts winning the favorite spots.

We invite you to experience the Tropicana lifestyle for yourself. Read on for a small sampling of  testimonials from satisfied Tropsters.

Living at Tropicana has been a wonderful experience. Meeting people from all over not only the country, but the world is amazing. Tropicana isn't only housing but it becomes a community and family.

-Hannah G.

One of the best decisions I made since coming to Santa Barbara was making my home at Tropicana Del Norte.  Since Move-In Day, my experience has been nothing but positive, with the multitude of friends I have met at programs, spacious and comfortable suites and various amenities at our disposal.  What freshman residence hall has a mini-theater and gym literally footsteps away? With these amazing facilities, as well as the colorful exterior and heated pool, Trop really does feel like a resort.  The food is a part of this: the café is definitely one of the biggest highlights of living at Tropicana; the varying and delicious menus, organic and vegetarian options, and grills ‘open all day’ have far surpassed everyone’s expectations of cafeteria dining.  Also, due to the relatively small number of residents here, the game room, theater or café never gets crowded.  I would strongly recommend Tropicana to incoming freshman, transfers and all other students next year!

-Tanaya D.

My first year here at Tropicana del Norte was fantastic.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I love my room, my roomies and especially the positive  energy and friendliness of all the staff.

-Mayle T.

Tropicana is an Eden when it comes to experiencing new cultures and people. As this is a primary destination for exchange students, the chance to meet such a broad variety of people from different countries is an experience not often come by and for that, Tropicana is a once in a lifetime place to be. On top of that, the modern living arrangements, gives a more mature feel to the whole college experience. There is little to be said negatively of Tropicana.

-Jack G.

My first year at Tropicana Del Norte was one of the best experiences I could ever ask for. Living in such a calming and constructive environment helped me to learn to love college. The food is made fresh, the study lounge is peaceful and inviting, and the establishment is open to new ideas. The building is bright and welcoming, the quality of the rooms is remarkable, and the kindness of the employees is almost tangible. The proximity of Del Norte to the campus helps when it comes to being on time to classes, which leads to far less stress when planning a schedule. The RAs are truly entertaining and each of the programs they were responsible for promoted fun, exciting ways to meet new people.

-Morgan B.

Living at Tropicana Del Norte my first year was very memorable. I met new people and created lasting friendships that hold strong today. The cafeteria was one of my favorite parts of living at Tropicana, unlimited meals during the hours of the café. I could go in and get ice cream whenever I was feeling like an unhealthy treat. After a workout in the gym across the way I could go into the café I order to get some milk for my protein or water to rehydrate myself. During finals or midterm weeks I could go to the study room and study all night, which I had to do once or twice.

-Martin B.

After living here for a single school year at Tropicana, I've become deeply attached to my life in this warm environment. I actually am dreading the summer day that I have to move out to become separated from my suitemates and watch this tight-knit community of scholars, athletes and wonderful people disintegrate. However, as we all go our separate ways, I believe that we all will look back and remember the best parts like walking into a common quad to be greeted by friends, RAs and welcoming staff, or all the fun that came with the exciting programs.

-Jenny N.

My first year living at Tropicana has been an incredibly wonderful experience. When I first started here, everything was so new and it all seemed like a blur. I was, honestly, really scared and drawn into myself, but my RA and the staff here really helped me feel welcomed. The RAs are always willing to help and are exceptionally friendly. The staff is really nice; they greet you and smile whenever they see you walking around the building. The residents are pretty awesome, too. Tropicana really provides its residents with a safe, fun, and relaxed environment to live in. I have had friends who visit me at Tropicana and they always tell me how much they envy me because Tropicana is so beautiful and clean compared to where they live, and how much they wish they had chosen to live here instead. I am so grateful that I chose to live here and that this experience has been so wonderful. I have met my best friends here and I feel that I am as satisfied as I am with my first year experience because Tropicana has been a part of it.

-Yoli G.

Tropicana has entirely and undoubtedly defined my enjoyable experience here at UCSB this year. I arrived from a small rural town in Northern California, with no more than 10,000 people and a high school of around 800, showing off a very low diversity of ethnicity, culture and overall interests among the community. My chance to come to a large-scale UCSB was a considerable one, as it allowed me to leave my safe shelter of a childhood home for the opportunity to experience a world of culture, picturesque landscapes, an exciting community, sunny skies, and immense challenges that would thrust me into adulthood. With this in mind I was scared to death and anxious above all else, with no friends from my area or previous experience outside of home. The only absolute I had in thought was that I knew I would be staying in a top-notch residence hall, with incredible healthy food, a kind and friendly staff, opportunities for social networking and community involvement, and a population of students from all parts of the world and all cultures with which to share my time. After staying for TEMPO, coming a week earlier than most, I immediately fell in love with the RA staff and the faculty, who led me to programs around the Santa Barbara area and showed me the ropes of being a college freshman. I aspired to spend whatever time I could getting to know them and helping with events, programs, setting up, cleaning up, and sometimes staying up late in order to get things organized and create a fun, safe, inviting atmosphere. This gave me a very unique perspective on Tropicana, in that I did not simply look at it as my residence hall in which to sleep and eat and have fun, but instead as my home away from home with the people I would meet that would support and help me, the comfort of knowing they are doing everything in their power to make our time spend here at UCSB enjoyable and prosperous, and the peace of mind of realizing that when midterms came crashing down, classes became foreign languages, and time became seemingly unmanageable, I knew for certain that I would have a comfortable, quiet place to sleep and a plethora of activities to help me celebrate when I succeeded. I absolutely adore Tropicana and you can be sure when they make new programs are participating in a community event or simply need a helping hand, I'll be there excited and enthusiastic to continue this blissful roller coaster of college life.


Living at Tropicana has been a wonderful experience. Everyone always asks why I did not choose to live in the dorms my first year at UCSB, and I always answer that Tropicana is pretty much a more exciting, less expensive version of a dorm.  I have gotten to meet many wonderful people that I would probably have not gotten to meet otherwise.  All my closest friends are people that I met just by sitting in the café.

-Betty G.

Living here feels more like living on my own because our suite is pretty much an apartment without the kitchen but I still have the fun activities that come with living in the dorms.  Since we’re close to campus I wasn’t one of the unfortunate freshmen who had to bus from Santa Catalina.  Most places both on campus and in IV are within a 15 minute walk from Trop which makes it really easy to get to class.

-Anjali S.

Being a FSSP kid from San Nicholas Dorms, moving to Tropicana Del Norte was a major change for a handful of reasons.  Having my own bathroom was the instant selling point when deciding where to live but this is not the only reason.  Tropicana offered me a unique apartment-style living environment while managing to maintain the residence hall feel.  I feel just as close, if not closer with the residents here as I did in the dorms.

-Alex M.

From the very first few weeks that I lived here at Tropicana Del Norte I realized how different the environment was compared to other residence halls.  It seems more like apartments rather than school  dorms, which makes me feel more independent and free.  Everyone is friendly and it is really easy getting to know most of the people that live here.  I love that we have events that we can participate in and get to know everyone better.  One of my favorite parts is the unlimited meal plan; we can go to the cafeteria anytime and however many times we want.

-Ana M.

There no doubt in my mind that Tropicana Del Norte was definitely the best decision for my first year in college.  Since being here I’ve made friends that I know will be in my life for a long time to come, which is really what college is all about. Creating bonds.  I have had a supportive RA who’s truly invested in me, so I always feel that “under- the- radar” peace, knowing that if I need someone to call, he’s there.

-Melissa G.

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