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What is a private residence hall?

A private residence hall is one that is owned and operated by a private company instead of a college or university. At Tropicana Del Norte, we are dedicated to providing the best possible college living experience for our residents. We sponsor a large number of social, recreational and community events each year and are committed to providing an environment where our residents can establish strong personal relationships and excel in their academic and athletic pursuits.

Where is Tropicana Del Norte located?

Tropicana Del Norte is directly adjacent to campus across the street from UCSB’s San Clemente graduate student apartments and UCSB’s Westgate undergraduate apartments. We’re a leisurely 10-minute walk from the beach, a 5-minute bike ride to most classes, and on a direct bus route to nearby shopping and entertainment.
Street Address:
6525 El Colegio Road
Goleta, California 93117
Phone (805) 968 - 0351
Fax (805) 961 - 9702
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Driving Directions to Tropicana Del Norte From the South:
1) Take the Ventura Freeway (101) north. Exit at Los Carneros (it is past the UCSB exit), turn left towards the ocean.
2) Follow Los Carneros until it dead-ends at a stoplight on the corner of Los Carneros and El Colegio Road. Turn left on El Colegio Road.
3) Continue past Embarcadero Del Norte and make a right into the Tropicana Del Norte parking lot just past the Tropicana Del Norte building.
From the North:
1) Take the Ventura Freeway (101) south. Exit at Los Carneros, turn right towards the ocean.
2) Follow Los Carneros until it dead-ends at a stoplight on the corner of Los Carneros and El Colegio Road. Turn left on El Colegio Road.
3) Continue past Embarcadero Del Norte and make a right into the Tropicana Del Norte parking lot just past the Tropicana Del Norte building.

What are the front desk hours?

Front Desk Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8AM - 11PM
Friday 8AM - 1AM
Saturday 10AM - 1AM
Sunday 10AM - 11PM

Business Office Hours:

9AM - 5PM

How close is Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall to the UCSB Campus?

Tropicana Del Norte is one mile closer to the Main Campus than Santa Catalina Residence Hall which houses approximately one-third of the freshman class. We are located directly adjacent to UCSB at El Colegio and Campus Road. You can walk or bike to class and you don’t have to take a bus.

How long does it take to get to class from Tropicana Del Norte?

It takes approximately five minutes to bike to class, and 10-15 minutes to walk to class depending on where your class is located. If you are biking to Campbell Hall, Phelps Hall, Engineering Science, Chemistry, Cheadle Hall, North Hall, Student Affairs and Administration Services, Ellison, Buchanan, Davidson Library, Broida Hall, Webb Hall, Noble Hall, Psychology, or Kerr Hall your bike ride time will be roughly five to ten minutes. If you are biking to the UCEN, Arts, Snidecor Hall, Events Center, Music, Student Resource Building, or Girvetz Hall your biking time will be roughly five minutes.

What is the difference between Tropicana Del Norte and a UCSB Freshman Residence Hall?

With only 51 suite-style units built around a courtyard, we are a small and friendly community where it is easy to meet people. Our 3 bedroom/2 bathroom suites have much more space than a typical dorm room and feel like an apartment. There is a shared living room and your bathroom is in your suite, not down the hall. Our onsite cafe offers unlimited all day dining -- no need to count meals or walk to a campus dining common. Residents enjoy our resort-style amenities such as a heated swimming pool, fitness center, study lounge, rec room, and private movie theater. Our RAs organize dozens of social and recreational programs every quarter.

As a UCSB freshman, am I required to live on campus?

No, UCSB does not require that you live on campus your freshman year. You can choose to live off-campus in a private residence hall or apartment. If you choose to live at Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall you will be one mile closer to your classes than if you are assigned to Santa Catalina, the UCSB Residence Hall that houses one-third of the freshman class. You will be equidistant to the rest of campus if you are placed in any other UCSB Residence Hall.

What public transportation is available?

Many residents take the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus to and from nearby shopping and downtown activities. With a student ID card, it is free to ride any MTD bus. There is a southbound bus stop next to our parking lot and a northbound bus stop directly across El Colegio Road. For more information, please visit

Where are the nearest banks (ATMs) located?

  • Bank of America ATM is located off of Embarcadero Del Norte, across the street from  Woodstock's.
  • Chase Bank and ATM is located on the corner of Embarcadero Del Norte and Pardall.
  • Montecito Bank & Trust branch is located at Hollister and Storke with drive-thru ATM and with ATMs on the UCSB campus inside the Coral Tree Café next to Cheadle Hall and inside the Courtyard Café.
  • Santa Barbara Bank & Trust branch is located at the Camino Real Marketplace.
  • Wells Fargo ATM is located off of Pardall near the Starbucks and Subway shopping center. Another one located near the UCEN on the UCSB campus.

Where can I buy necessities for my room?

Located on Storke Road, Camino Real Marketplace is your best bet for all basic shopping needs. The shopping center includes Home Depot, Staples, Costco, Best Buy, Sports Authority and Ross. You can find this marketplace by going west on El Colegio and turning right onto Storke Road; it will be located a few blocks down on your left-hand side. In addition, K-Mart is located across the street from Camino Real Marketplace. Bed Bath and Beyond is located off of the Fairview exit.

Any place to eat close to here?

You can find a couple of restaurants in Isla Vista like Freebirds (Mexican), The Habit (burgers), Woodstock's Pizza, Subway, Silvergreen's, Sam's to Go (sandwiches), Southcoast Deli, Dominos, and Sushiya (sushi).

In Camino Real Marketplace you can find an array of nice restaurants. They include: Mika Sushi, Gina's Pizza, Anna's Bakery, Chili's, Kahuna Grill, Baja Grill, Blenders in the Grass, Starbucks, Hollister Brewing Company, and McDonald's.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about Tropicana Del Norte?

Please call our front desk at (805) 968 - 0351, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or click on the live chat icon on our webpage. Our Executive Director, Director of Residence Life and Leasing Director, can all be contacted through the front desk.

Can I work at Tropicana Student Living?

Customer Service/Desk positions and jobs in the café are available to students. Resident Assistants are chosen in February - March for the following school year.

About Contracts

What comes with my contract?

Each contract includes an unlimited meal plan for the academic year, internet connection (wired and wireless), basic cable television, all utilities (with the exception of telephone), light housekeeping twice monthly, and access to all of the amenities provided (fitness center, movie theater, study lounge, laundry room, rec room).

Can I make changes to my contract?

Certain changes can be made. If a change is needed please email our Director of Leasing, Laura Versola, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.

How do I make payments toward my contract?

We take check, cash, and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card payments in our office or through My Trop Account on our website (click on the Accounts tab, then select "Make A Payment" in the left column). Mail payments can be sent to our Tropicana Student Housing Business Office located in Tropicana Gardens at 6585 El Colegio Rd, Goleta, CA 93117. If you wish to make a contract payment with a credit card, you can do so in person at the front desk, or online.

Can I sign a contract for just one quarter?

Yes. Tropicana Del Norte offers academic year contracts of 9 months as well as 1 quarter, and 2 quarter contracts. If you are interested in any contract other than the Academic Year contract you need to contact Laura Versola by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. You may apply for the Winter or Spring quarter during the academic year, as there may be vacancies available.

What is the Tropicana Student Organization fee?

Tropicana Student Organization (TSO) is a group of residents that contributes ideas and votes on how to spend a budget of over $35,000. The activity fee that is paid at the beginning of the year goes towards this budget. TSO approves how this budget is spent. All residents are invited to participate in TSO and run for positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Quad Representatives at the beginning of the year.

What is the Security Deposit for?

By definition, a security deposit is money paid in advance of a transaction to protect seller or renter against damage or non-payment. The $350 dollar payment at the beginning of the year is refunded, less a $50 cleaning fee, if the room is in the exact shape as it was before the residents moved in. A Room Condition Report (RCR) is done at the beginning of the year by our summer staff, as well as when each resident moves in. The purpose of the RCR is to document any damages that were made to the room prior to any residents moving in. This prevents money getting deducted from the security deposit that were not the fault of the residents. The amount refunded from the security deposit depends on the extent of damages caused throughout the year. A damage in any location of the suite is divided by the amount of residents that live in the suite. For example, in a 6-person suite, damage in the living room (a common area for all 6 residents) is divided by six, while a damage in the double bedroom is divided by 2 (amongst the people that live in said bedroom). Unless a resident takes responsibility for any damages, each person in the suite is charged from their security deposit for a damage.

Can I cancel my contract after I have signed it? Will I lose money?


1. Try resolving any issues you may have with roommates that may be potentially causing conflict?
2. Have you tried including a Resident Assistant or another Tropicana Staff member to help resolve any potential conflicts?
3. Have you considered requesting a room change (Note: there is a $200 room move fee)?
4. Have you considered placing an ad on Craigslist, UCSB's Housing Site, to see if someone would be willing to take over your contract?

Tropicana Student Housing has a cancellation policy as follows:

A. Cancel by June 30, 2017 - $500.00 cancellation fee
B. Cancel between July 1, 2017 - July 31, 2017 = $1,500.00 cancellation fee (plus pro-rated daily rate, if any)
C. Cancellation between August 1, 2017 - first day of the contract = $2,500.00 cancellation fee (plus pro-rated daily rate, if any)
D. Cancel after the first day of the contract - The greater of $2,000.00 or 50% of the remaining contract (based on the pro -rated daily rate) fee

Notes about the Cancellation Policy:
1.Student/Guarantor has the right to find an acceptable replacement student that Tropicana Student Living agrees is a suitable replacement to avoid paying cancellation fee. A $500.00 administrative fee will apply to lease takeovers.
2.If you cancel your contract, to finalize your bill, we will take the following steps.
(a.) We will calculate the total contract amount for the year and prorate the number of nights responsible during the contract.
(b.) We will then add the cancellation fee according to the date of the cancellation.
(c.) We add the cancellation fee, plus the nightly rate and number of days in contract and add any other fees or outstanding balances remaining on your account to determine your final account balance.
3. If you cancel your contract, you lose the right to park at our facility or to resell your space, and you will not be refunded any money for parking.
4. Your Tropicana Student Organization Fee will be forfeited.
5. Your security deposit will be returned less the $50.00 cleaning fee and any other damage charges and outstanding balances. (The $50.00 cleaning fee includes steam cleaning of the carpet and normal cleaning, but does not include removal of items, etc.)
6. Once you have checked out, signed a cancellation form and your account is paid in full, you will be relieved of your contractual duties.

Note: If you are a member of the United States Armed Forces on active duty and receive change-of-station orders to permanently leave the local area; are returned to active military duty; or are a national guard or reservist called to active duty, then you may terminate the Contract by giving written notice to us from the US Government.

Can students stay at Tropicana Del Norte over breaks?

Residence Halls traditionally close for the Thanksgiving holiday, Winter Break (includes Christmas and New Year's) and Spring Break. If you are unable to go home during UCSB's academic breaks because of school, athletic or work obligations, you may make arrangements to stay at Tropicana Del Norte. Requests must be made in advance at the front desk and are approved on a case by case basis. Please note that there is no food service during academic breaks. We are open Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Please see our Academic Year Calendar at (Under Resources tab). Please note that Academic Calendars are different for SBCC and UCSB.

Can I move in early?

There are two options for students to move in early. The first option is that residents can pay a fee to move in up to two days early. If you are interested in this early move in option. If you are interested in this early move in option, please download an Early Move-In Application.  to download the early move-in sign up form. The second option is the TEMPO, Tropicana Early Move-in Program and Orientation program.

Please Contact Tropicana's Leasing Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further TEMPO inquiries: 

The second option is TEMPO: Tropicana Early Move-in Program and Orientation. For $500, you are able to move in on the Tuesday before the scheduled move in day, and you can participate in fun-filled week of activities like movies, downtown dinners, tours of UCSB, and many helpful workshops. If you're ready to register for TEMPO, please login to your MyTropAccount, select TEMPO Registration at the top, which will take you to the TEMPO page. 

For questions regarding TEMPO, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is TEMPO?

Trop Early Move-In Program and Orientation (TEMPO) starts Tuesday the week before UCSB move in. TEMPO is an orientation program that covers the top 10 important topics concerning incoming freshmen, including healthy eating, dealing with relationships, touring the campus, getting books, finding classes, field trips around the city and getting to know 50+ other Trop students. If you are interested in TEMPO, download the application and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suite Information

What are the room options?

Each suite has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

A bedroom - single or small double

B bedroom - standard double or triple (The A & B bedrooms share one bathroom)

C bedroom - large double or quad (The C bedroom has its own bathroom)

Is Tropicana Del Norte co- ed?

Yes, both men and women live in the same building together. The individual suites house only men or women, with the opposite gender potentially living in an adjacent suite or quad.

Can I choose my suite or room?

New residents will be able choose their suite or room through our online Roommate Matching and Room Selection service. Room choices will become available in late summer. As a returning resident at Tropicana Student Living, you have the ability to choose your room and/or suite preference.

Do I get my choice of roommates or suite-mates?

Once your contract has been accepted, we will use your Profile to match you with compatible roommates or you can find your own roommates by comparing profiles with other Trop residents. To use this feature, log in to My Trop Account. Choose your Term under the Application Tab, then click on Roommate Profile in the left column. Set up your own Profile Screen Name (for privacy reasons, we recommend using a nickname). Enter a short description of yourself that will be viewable by potential roommates.

You may search for roommates in three ways:
1.Know who you want to room with? Search by first and last name, email and birth date.
2.Search by Profile, selecting which questions are most important to you.
3. Browse through other student profiles and see your compatibility score with them. Find someone interesting as a potential roommate? Send a message, using this feature as a sort of interview for each other. Only your screen name is used during this interaction, so if you decide not to room with that person, your privacy is still protected. Once you find a good match, you can choose to room together by clicking “Accept” or “Decline” on the Roommate Matching page. Please remember that roommate request must be mutual and accepted by both people for us to place two people together.

How many students share a bathroom?

There are two bathrooms in each suite shared by 3-4 people. Bathrooms are not co-ed.

Can I install a privacy lock on my bedroom door?

All bedrooms come with privacy locks installed.

What furniture is included?

Your 3-Bedroom suite comes furnished as follows:

Sofa, 2 chairs, coffee table, side table and large-screen TV

Twin XL bedframe and mattress
1 large dresser
1 desk and desk chair

2 Twin XL bedframes and mattresses
(bunked due to space)
2 small dressers
1 shared desk and desk chair*

2 Twin XL bedframes and mattresses
2 large dressers2 desks and desk chairs

3 Twin XL bedframes and mattresses
3 large dressers
2 desks and desk chairs to share*

4 Twin XL bedframes and mattresses
(must be bunked due to space)
4 small dressers
2 desks
and desk chairs to share*

Shower curtain liners are provided*

Shared desks are at the request of the majority of students that have lived with us in the past, to allow as much space in the room as possible. We will honor requests to add a desk/chair.
We HIGHLY recommend waiting for 2 weeks until after move in to determine if the desk/chair is really needed.

If you bring your own furniture, note that the furniture provided by Trop must stay in your suite.

What should I bring?

Things that you should bring are sheets (extra long twin), blankets, pillows, pillowcases, bedspread, towels, washcloths, toilet paper, alarm clock, computer, radio, beach towel, answering machine, bicycle, lock, iron, non-halogen study lamp, and toiletries. You may also want to bring a TV, personal items, laundry soap, and a personal refrigerator which does not exceed 3.8 L. All rooms have blinds on the windows and all bedrooms are carpeted.

What should I not bring?

Pianos, organs, drums, electric guitars, hookahs, guns, weapons, dart boards, pets, candles, incense, water beds and fire arms/explosives are not allowed at Tropicana Del Norte. Cooking equipment is not needed.

Can I bring a microwave, coffee machine, rice cooker, blender, etc?

All suites come furnished with a microwave and refrigerator. Please know that cooking is not permitted in the suites. Coffee makers are allowed. Rice cookers, hot oil popcorn poppers, open coil heating devices and blenders are not allowed.

Are the rooms wired to the Internet (wireless as well)?

Yes, there is an Ethernet connection in each suite. Each resident may have several devices (laptop, smartphone) registered on our wireless connection.

Are there places to study in or near Tropicana Del Norte?

There is a 24-quiet hour study lounge located on property. In addition, there are other study buildings on the UCSB campus.

Does each person in a suite get his or her own telephone line?

Yes, if you choose to have a landline, wiring is available. The telephone line is an additional cost. You must provide your phone number to us as soon as you register.

What kind of parking is available at Tropicana Del Norte?

We have vehicle parking above ground and underground available for sale, and plenty of bike parking. For parking information please contact Laura Versola at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note prices will not be available until early August with move-in information.

How will I wash my clothes?

Tropicana Del Norte has an on-site laundry facility which is located adjacent to the cafeteria. One load of laundry will cost $2.00 to wash and $1.50 to dry. Our laundry machines are card operated only. You will receive a laundry card upon move-in and can add money to it throughout the year using cash or a credit/debit card; the credit card add value machine is located in the laundry room and the cash kiosk is at the front desk. Our washers and dryers will e - mail you a message when your laundry is done, if requested.

Is there Housekeeping? If so, how often do they clean my room?

Yes, our housekeeping staff will provide light housekeeping services twice a month. Light housekeeping includes: vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the bathroom.  Students are responsible for emptying their own trash. If a suite is too messy, housekeeping reserves the right not to clean it.

What if a light burns out or the sink gets clogged?

We have staff that takes care of any maintenance problems residents may have, from a broken window to a faulty toilet. Just come down to the front desk and fill out a Maintenance Request. If the issue is an after-hours emergency, please contact the RA Duty cell phone at (805) 280-1653.

Community Standards

May residents drink alcohol in their suites?

Residents under 21 years of age may not consume alcohol at Tropicana Del Norte. Residents over 21 years of age may consume alcohol in their room but not in the presence of minors or in public areas.

Can my guest spend the night? For how long?

Guests are welcome up to three days in a fourteen day period if all suite-mates are in agreement, with the exception of Halloween, when no guests are allowed on the property. You will find out more about this from your RA during a suite meeting during your first month here at Trop.

Does Tropicana Del Norte have smoking suites? Can I smoke in my suite?

Tropicana Del Norte is a 100% smoke-free building. However, we do have a designated smoking area located in our outside parking lot.

Where do I find the Community Standards for living at Tropicana Student Living?

The Community Standards can be found in the Tropicana Student Housing Student Handbook, located online. Each resident will also receive an orientation to our community standards during the Town Hall meeting on move-in day and during a suite meeting with their RA during the first month of school.


What types of safety measures does Tropicana Del Norte Provide?

Students must use their suite key to enter the building, or go through the front office when open. RAs secure the building each evening. In addition, RAs perform community walks of the facility in the evenings on a regular basis. Many staff members live on site and are available 24-hours a day.

What happens if I lose my key?

The Front Desk can assist if you are locked out. There is no charge for the first three lockouts per quarter. Starting with the fourth lockout there is a $5.00 key charge. If the key is permanently lost, there is a $25.00 replacement fee.

Who do students talk to if they have problems?

The best place to start is with your Resident Assistant (RA), who is a student staff member living on your floor. The Director of Residence Life and the Executive Director are professional staff members who focus on the students' concerns while living at Trop. There are also services on campus available to serve students such as Counseling and Career Services staff, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advisors, Student Health Center, and Academic Advisors.


What can you tell me about your food services at Tropicana Del Norte?

Tropicana Del Norte only offers different meal plan options to fit the needs of our residents. Residents can choose from 10, 14, 17 or unlimited meals for different rates. Please see our pricing page for the most up-to-date meal plan rates. Through our management company College Fresh we offer one of the finest university dining service programs available. Each meal is prepared daily with a strong emphasis on nutrition using fresh, grade-A ingredients. A variety of menu items are offered at each meal, including low-fat, vegetarian, and vegan options. A salad bar and fresh-baked desserts are offered daily. Our menu is listed and updated weekly in the café. For daily menu updates, download the College Fresh app and select Tropicana Gardens or Tropicana Del Norte to see what options are in store for you!

How do I get into the Café?

The café is located on the ground floor of Tropicana Del Norte, across from the swimming pool. When you enter the café you will place your finger in the finger scanner, located at the check stand. Your finger will be registered at move in, which will allow you into the café.

I am a vegetarian/vegan, where can I eat? I have specific food allergies, where can I eat?

We work hard to accommodate a wide variety of tastes and needs. Each meal is properly labeled and offers at least one vegetarian meal option. It is best to alert our management staff to your needs:

Oscar Gomez
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
General Manager

Joshua Anderson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Director of Operations - West Region

What if I have school, work, or practice during lunch or dinner?

Our café is open from 6:45am-8:00pm Monday through Thursday, from 6:45am-7:00pm Fridays, and 8:00am-7:00pm on the weekends. Monday through Friday, we serve three hot meals a day, and always have snack options between hot meal times. On weekends, we offer hot brunch and dinner, with a continental breakfast for early-risers, and snacks between brunch and dinner. If you are going to be on campus for lunch, Café Trop can provide you with a sack lunch to pick up at breakfast if you fill out the form the evening prior. Won’t be home until later? Just show your class schedule to sign up for the late dinner option and we’ll keep a plate warm for you

When I am on campus, can I use my Trop meal plan?

The Trop meal plan is only valid at our onsite café at Tropicana Del Norte and at Tropicana Gardens (2 blocks away).

Can I bring a friend over to eat at the café?

Yes, your friend may purchase a meal for $13 at the Café.

If I am not a resident, may I purchase a meal card?

Non-residents are welcome to purchase meal cards. Meal Card are: 10 meals for $100.00, 20 meals for $190.00.


Is there any difference in price for international students?

No, pricing is the same for all students.

Do international students have to leave Tropicana Del Norte during academic holidays?

No, international students are welcome to stay at Tropicana Del Norte during all academic breaks as we realize it is much harder for international students to travel home or to arrange alternate housing.

What if my plane flight arrives before move-in?

All early arrival scheduling can be arranged through Laura Versola, the Director of Leasing, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What if I can't get a flight out of Santa Barbara until after the Residence Hall closing at the end of the year?

Tropicana has summer camps moving in immediately upon closing of the academic year, but we may be able to accommodate you. If you will be departing later than the closing date of Tropicana Del Norte please contact Laura Versola, the Director of Leasing, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How many international students usually live at Tropicana Del Norte?

Every year we house more than 50 international students at Tropicana. We have welcomed residents from all over the world including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and many more.

Will I be living with other internationals or with Americans?

Most international residents choose to live with Americans, but depending on how late or early you apply for a contract, your housing situation may differ. In our three Tropicana communities we house around 1,000 students, so you will be surrounded by people from all around California, the United States, and other countries.

If I have troubles with my roomates, what does Tropicana do about my situation?

When you arrive at Tropicana, you will meet your Resident Assistant (RA) for the year. Your Resident Assistant is responsible for assisting you with any issues related to your suite or roommates.

Are there any opportunities to go on trips and see more of California?

Programs are held at Tropicana Del Norte every week. When you arrive, speak to your Resident Assistant for details about upcoming trips. Past programs include trips to Disneyland, Big Bear and Six Flags.

Is it easy to get around, or downtown, without a car?

Yes. Most UCSB students bike to class, as it is the most convenient form of transportation to and from school. For your convenience, Tropicana Del Norte is happy to loan you a used bike to help you get around (while supplies last). All we ask is that the bike be returned at your departure. Many residents take the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus to and from downtown Santa Barbara and the nearby Camino Real Marketplace. With a UCSB student card, it is free to ride any MTD bus. The 24x bus line south takes you downtown and 24x heading north takes you to Camino Real Marketplace.

Come for a Tour

Come by anytime between 10:00am and 5:30pm to tour the property and see if Tropicana Del Norte is the right place for you!

PARKING: Visitor parking can be found in the back of Tropicana Gardens (1 block away at 6585 El Colegio Road) in spaces 56 and 57. Please park in the spaces marked Visitor and note the number of your parking space. We'll be happy to issue a parking pass while you visit our communities!