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Tropicana Students Feed More than 7,500 Hungry Children

SANTA BARBARA, CA – April 17, 2014 – For several hours on a sunny Thursday afternoon, more than 75 Tropicana Student Living residents and staff along with UCSB Lacrosse, UCSB Field Hockey, and local youth soccer teams came together to prepare meal packets for Stop Hunger Now. Tropicana Gardens Café turned into an assembly line to create 7,500 meals of rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and nutrients.

Isla Vista hasn’t been seen in the greatest light the last couple weeks, and we want to show that our students are doing great things here at Tropicana Student Living,” says Dave Wilcox, Executive Director of Tropicana Student Living. “This is just an example of something that they’re doing that’s great for the community and great for the world.” The 7,500 meals that the Tropicana students and staff assembled will be distributed to Guatemala through Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency that ships them to school feeding programs in developing countries.

Stop Hunger Now coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world, with a mission to end hunger in our lifetime. Stop Hunger Now’s meal packing program began in 2005, and since then, more than 100,000 volunteers have packaged nearly 30 million meals to feed the world’s impoverished.

About Tropicana Student Living

Tropicana Student Living operates private residence halls and apartments for students attending the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) in Santa Barbara, California. Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall (, conveniently located adjacent to UCSB’s Main Campus is a small and friendly community with spacious suite-style units, an unlimited meal plan and resort-style living. Tropicana Villas ( is an Isla Vista apartment community that caters to upperclassmen with furnished apartments and flexible leasing options. Tropicana Gardens (, located an express bus ride away from Santa Barbara City College, is a private residence hall that provides an attractive alternative to apartments for SBCC students with its suite-style units and social and recreational activities organized by its large team of energetic RAs. For more information about housing options for UCSB and SBCC students, please call 805-968-4319.

Conservation is Critical to Extending Santa Barbara County’s Water Supply

On January 17th, 2014 it was declared that California was in a state of emergency caused by drought. California’s Governor has asked all residents to reduce their water use. Santa Barbara County has joined the State in declaring a drought emergency and has asked for a 20% reduction in water usage.

Coinciding with the State’s and the County’s efforts, we ask you to please be mindful of your water usage. We appreciate your personal efforts in helping our community reduce our water use as a whole.

Here are some things to think about when you are using water, which can assist in our conservation efforts:

  • When brushing your teeth, don’t let the faucet flow. Use a glass of water for rinsing your teeth.
  • Wait until you have a full load of laundry before you do a load. You’ll save water, energy, and money for laundry.
  • One way to cut down on water use is to turn off the shower after soaping up, then turn it back on to rinse. A four-minute shower uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water.
  • Report any water related maintenance issues immediately to the Tropicana Front Desk. 

Together we can conserve and extend Santa Barbara County’s limited water supply.

Tropicana Student Living Rolls out a New Name and Look

Santa Barbara, CA – October 9, 2013 – Tropicana Student Living, a local Santa Barbara student housing organization, unveiled a new name and look this week, changing their name from Tropicana Student Housing to Tropicana Student Living.

“We feel that the name Tropicana Student Living better aligns with our mission and identity,” said Dave Wilcox, Executive Director. “We are very proud of the superb undergraduate living experience that we deliver to our residents with our extensive residential life program, tropical-themed communities and dedicated staff.”

Committed to supporting local students in their quest for independence and academic success, Tropicana communities provide college students with flexible rooming options, meal plans and professional staff to ensure a successful transition from home to independent college living. In addition to providing an environment that supports academic success, Tropicana sponsors social, educational, and recreational events, creating an enriching overall college living experience.

For the rebranding project, Tropicana turned to Kosaka Design. “The new Tropicana Student Living brand embodies those special years as a college student,” said Wayne Kosaka, Creative and Brand Director. The bird of paradise flowers forge a home that symbolizes living, support and sustenance that reflects Tropicana Student Living’s reason for being.

Pictured Above: Tropicana Student Living Residence Life Team for the 2013-2014 academic year in their staff shirts featuring

About Tropicana Student Living

Tropicana Student Living offers residence hall and apartment living to more than 1,000 students attending the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). Tropicana Gardens Residence Hall provides SBCC community college students with a traditional college residential living experience; Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall caters to UCSB students with suite style-living and is the Official Student Housing Sponsor of UCSB Athletic and Tropicana Villas (formerly known as Villas at Tropicana) is an apartment community for upperclassmen. All communities welcome international students studying in Santa Barbara. In the summer months, Tropicana Student Living hosts more than 90 summer camps and conferences and is the home of Michael Jordan’s Flight School. For more information please contact Dave Wilcox, Executive Director at (805) 968-4319 or

Tropicana Student Housing Welcomes Michael Jordan Flight School

Santa Barbara, CA – August 1, 2013 – Tropicana Student Housing is proud to welcome Michael Jordan Flight School 2013 basketball camps for the 18th year. Campers, who range in age from 7-18, will be staying at Tropicana Gardens and Tropicana Del Norte residence halls. With its convenient proximity to the UCSB Thunderdome, Tropicana’s residence halls are within easy walking distance for the campers, with suite-style accommodations and an on-site Café for meals.

“Every year, I am so excited to work with the Michael Jordan Flight School and their staff. They are so professional, organized and they really work hard for all their participants to have such a great experience.” said David Wilcox, Executive Director. “I believe this is why they have so many participants that come back every year!”

Mark Raveling, Michael Jordan Flight School Camp Director, says, “We have been hosting the MJ camp at Tropicana and UCSB since 1995 and always look forward to coming back each year. We are excited for our 18th year.”

Michael Jordan Flight School is among the world’s finest youth basketball camps, where girls and boys can learn the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, rebounding, passing, and defense from NBA great, Michael Jordan, and his first class coaching staff. For more information, see the Michael Jordan Flight School website.

About Tropicana Student Housing

Tropicana Student Housing offers residence hall and apartment living to more than 1,000 students attending the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall caters to UCSB freshmen; Tropicana Gardens offers SBCC students a college residential living experience and the Villas at Tropicana is an upperclassman apartment community. Tropicana is the Official Student Housing Sponsor of UCSB Athletics.

Tropicana Student Housing provides accommodations for more than 90 summer camps annually. Camp directors love Tropicana’s convenient locations to the UCSB campus, including the Thunderdome, pools, gyms and baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse fields. Summer campers enjoy furnished suite-style accommodations with meals included at a dining hall right on the premises. For more information on hosting a summer camp, contact Dave Wilcox, Executive Director at (805) 968-4319 or

Getting Around Town – The Ins and Outs of Transportation for UCSB Students

When you first move to UCSB, getting around in general is going to be perplexing because you don’t know where you’re going. However, knowing how to get around in certain areas will DEFINITELY make a huge difference in your life, and reduce a lot of that needless stress.

When you first move to UCSB, getting around in general is going to be perplexing because you don’t know where you’re going. However, knowing how to get around in certain areas will DEFINITELY make a huge difference in your life, and reduce a lot of that needless stress.

One thing that I learned right away is that if you are living at Tropicana Del Norte, or really anywhere in IV, and you’re going to UCSB, a car is a complete hassle. My first night I needed to go to pick up some odds and ends from Isla Vista Market, and a couple of my new roomies wanted to come with me. Being from a town where parking was abundant and everyone just drove everywhere no matter what the distance, I decided to drive there from Trop. What would have been a nice and brisk 5-minute bonding stroll with my roommates turned in to a 45-minute hassle because there was absolutely zero parking available next to Isla Vista Market! How far was it from Trop? Less than 5 blocks. It was definitely a Freshman mistake that I suggest you not repeat. Isla Vista is less than one square mile, and nearly all restaurants and shops are centrally located within the 10 block radius.

One way you can save money on gas if you do bring your car is carpooling with friends and splitting the costs of driving. Carpooling to pick up a few things to decorate your living room is a great way to save on gas, as well as bond with your roommates! Carpooling will likely come in especially handy when you start making your plans to head home for Thanksgiving or Winter Break. You’ll be making tons of friends here at Tropicana, and there’s a good likelihood that you’ll meet someone who is headed the same direction as you are.

You may be asking yourself about getting around to shops and restaurants that are not in the Isla Vista area, such as K Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Costco in Goleta, or Santa Barbara’s downtown shopping at the Paseo Neuvo Mall. One of the best things about being a UCSB student is the unlimited access to public transportation via the MTD Bus system. When you arrive to UCSB, make sure that one of your first stops is the UCEN. You can take your Student ID Photo and pick up your ID card right on the spot! You’ll also receive a sticker that shows that you are currently enrolled, which will grant you access to any bus, any time of day. Check out the Bus Schedule here:

Riding a bicycle is…well…just like riding a bicycle! You never really forget how to ride one, but you may need to brush up on your skills. Upperclassmen at UCSB, who are seasoned pros when it comes to riding their beach cruisers and fixies, can spot a freshman cycler a mile away. Good thing too, since it’s unlikely the first week of school will be fender bender free with the amount of traffic at the roundabout bicycle intersections. My recommendation is to take a bit of time the week before classes start to refresh your coordination and reaction time, before heading into full on bicycle traffic.

Pro skater? Syck bro! You can get around just about everywhere on campus on your skateboard, BUT you have to be mindful of how you get around. Skateboards don’t belong on the bike path. Many parts of campus have a designated skateboarding zone on the sidewalk specifically for boarders, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding room to skate when you’re on your way to class.

Tropicana Del Norte is less than five minutes walking distance to most things on campus, as well as IV. Sometimes it’s nice to stop and smell the birds of paradise.

When you’re heading home for breaks and long weekends, you may want to take a train ride, or fly if timing is a factor. Luckily there is an Amtrak train station a short bus ride away on Hollister in Goleta, as well as an airport right in UCSB’s backyard. For information about the train and to buy your ticket online, check out their website: For information on flights out of Santa Barbara Airport, check them out here:

Tropicana Del Norte Announces Apple iPad® Sweepstakes Winner

Isla Vista, CA – June 25, 2013 –Tropicana Del Norte announced the winner of its Apple iPad sweepstakes this week. The lucky winner was Edward Gaspar of Huntington Beach, California, who entered for a chance to win an Apple iPad after taking a tour of Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall for UCSB Students. Gaspar is a Group Lead for Logistics at JC Penney. His daughter, Cynthia, a Southeast High School graduate, will be the first member of the family to attend UCSB as a freshman next year. She is undecided, but may major in Biology.

“We were delighted to give Mr. Gaspar and his family a tour of Tropicana Del Norte Residence Hall, said Dave Wilcox, Executive Director , “and we hope that he enjoys his new ipad.”

Winner Gaspar said he will share the iPad with his family. “I am so surprised; I never win anything!”

Tropicana Del Norte Residence hall, at 6525 El Colegio Road, Goleta , is located directly adjacent to UCSB’s main campus. Tropicana provides UCSB freshmen and continuing students with suite-style living and an unlimited dining plan. In addition to the onsite café, rec room and 24-hour study lounge, Tropicana Del Norte offers UCSB students amenities not found in a typical dorm: an onsite fitness center, private movie theater, heated pool and a tanning lounge. To schedule a tour, visit or call (805) 968-0351.