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Is This Healthy? Making Healthy Food Choices

Is This Healthy? Making Healthy Food Choices

By Jonathan “Quiggy” Quigg


            Often we want a black and white answer to this question. Yes or no. But the truth is, there are numerous factors that go into whether or not something is healthy. And the final answer is unique to each individual. What is “healthy” for you, may not feel so “healthy” to another. So, I encourage this point of view: don’t look to what others assign to be healthy or unhealthy, find out for yourself. I hope to inspire this way of thinking in these weekly caf-blogs.


            Of the many parameters that go into the relative healthiness, we can look at things such as portion size, sourcing, macronutrient content, level of processing, added sugar content, etc. Of perhaps greater importance is our relationship to our food. How does it make us feel? Physically? Emotionally? Mentally?


            If the food we are eating makes us feel sluggish physically, mentally, emotionally, can we say it contributes positively to our health? Only you can know. Start to pay attention to your relationship with food, and how it makes you feel while eating, and after. I suggest that what’s healthy for you is about finding what makes you feel good, gives you energy and feels/tastes good to eat. Start to play with that and see what comes up. This is a self-experiment practiced with curiosity, not judgment. So whatever you notice, treat yourself with kindness and let yourself learn more about what healthy means to YOU.


Quiggy’s Bio:


Quiggy, a certified life coach, has worked with weight loss/management programs for six years now. He struggled with obesity and his relationship with food and dieting as a teenager and has been on a long journey to better understand the intricacies of the human relationship with diet, movement, health and well-being.