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Applying for Jobs – Quick Tips!

It’s coming up on Summer Job season, and there are going to be tons of opportunities for students to work and make some extra spending cash. Make sure that you are on top of your game to get the job you desire most! When I was in High School I joined FFA (Future Farmers of America) that emphasized professional development. I didn’t end up becoming a Farmer, but there were tons of practical skills I learned that have helped me on my post-high school job hunts. One of the requirements of joining FFA was entering the Regional Job Interview Competition. Beforehand I had never interviewed for a job or done much in terms of public speaking, which, in a way, worked in my behalf since everything I learned was quickly incorporated into my developing professional persona. I ended up making it to the final round during the first competition! Since then, I’ve held some really great positions, working as a Manager for Orange Julius, becoming an Associate Manger of a Movie Theater, and working my way from Res Life Staff to Marketing for Tropicana! Everyone has the potential to be successful and shine during an interview if they show confidence and interest in the job they’re applying for. There are a couple additional factors that will really help you shine. Here are a few quick tips that I found useful in applying for jobs: *Dress to Impress – If you dress like you’re serious about getting the job, employers will treat you as such. Time to polish your dress shoes and borrow an iron! *Do Research – What position would you like the most at the company you’re applying for? What makes you qualified for that position? What is the thing that the company prides itself on? Doing research ahead of time will help you confidently answer questions you may be asked during your interview, as well as help you get the position you want. Check out their website, read through job descriptions, and think of ways you’re a necessary piece to their puzzle. *Practice Professional Etiquette – A firm handshake and eye contact can go a long way in showing you’re confident and ready to work. Other interpersonal skills, such as using “Mr.” or “Miss,” and sending a follow up email to your interviewer, will help you stand out from other candidates! *Don’t Arrive Empty Handed – Draft up a résumé and have it handy. Likely you’ll be filling out an job application, but attaching your résumé is another great way to stand out from the crowd! Here’s a template that I have used in the past, but there are plenty of ways that you can get creative with your résumé! Things that you should NOT include in your résumé: • Labeling your résumé “Résumé.” • Including the date you wrote your résumé • Personal Data that is not contact information, such as your date of birth, race, sex, etc. • A Photograph of yourself: Equal Employment Opportunity legislation prohibits companies from making hiring decisions on what could be seen as bias towards an individual based on how they look. • Grammar School / Jr. High Education – Not necessary =] While I hope these tips are helpful, these are just the building blocks that will help you get that amazing job! There a tons of resources available for you at the Campus Career Centers at both UCSB and SBCC, as well as resources online. Have questions? Please feel free to email me and I’d be happy to answer them or point you in the right direction!

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