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Author: Anjali S.

Anjali S., from San Jose, California, is a UCSB student majoring in English and Anthropology. Some of her hobbies include reading, writing poetry, singing, playing soccer and badminton, and eating. A random fact about Anjali is that when she graduates, she plans to join the Peace Corps.

The Joys of College Studies: A Late Night Rambling from a UCSB Student

My English professor emailed us a really funny joke:

Knock Knock

Who’s there?



I was giggling really hard until I saw under the joke, she attached additional reading on top of our already ginormous pile of reading, and had added the joke to lighten the mood before torturing us. That’s college…There’s just too much to do here.

There’s schoolwork, hanging out with friends, acknowledging the beach’s existence every once in a while, job interviews, volunteering, eating ALL THE TIME and more I can’t even think of right now. Life is so distracting here, but I can’t believe the fun I’m having!

It’s like a party in my living room every night, because everyone comes over to do homework and we always have 10 people give or take, scattered around, making a mess, talking and pretending to study. Okay, we actually watch a lot of Youtube videos and look at the UCSB memes, and it’s ridiculously entertaining. JUST KIDDING.

Next weekend, my friend and I are going to go and study at the beach. Only in Santa Barbara, juh! Y’know, and San Diego and LA. Probably Santa Cruz, too, on nice days. I’d write more but seem to be currently only capable of gibberish, so I’m going to go read now.