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Author: Josephine N.

Josephine N., a Community Assistant at Villas at Tropicana upperclassmen apartments, is from Valencia, CA. She is a 4th year Biochemistry major at UCSB. She enjoys catching up with friends, listening to music, and just being silly. Did you know she is a boss at Connect4? True story. Play her yourself.

A UCSB Senior’s Reflection on Her Freshman Year

Now that freshman year at UCSB is long past, I think I can finally talk about it and not feel embarrassed. Let me just say then that it was…amazing! Sure, I’ll admit that I was super shy and not so willing to try new things. I’m pretty sure everyone that lived on the same floor in my residence hall thought I was a pretty “keep to herself” kind of girl. But hey, I got past that and it all worked out for the better. Now I want to do anything and everything I can before I leave beautiful Santa Barbara. I believe that I finally broke from my shell after being part of Vietnamese Culture Night at school. I signed myself up to be a part of the All Girls Traditional Dance.

Sure, practices got really intense and stressful but I got through them. After all, the show must go on! After four months of practicing, the moment that I had been waiting for came—it was finally my time to get up on that huge stage in Campbell Hall. Even though the dance was only 5 minutes, I had 100 adrenaline rushes. It will be forever be an unforgettable experience. Thus, freshman year was pretty…amazing! Don’t you agree?