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Hardest Changes to Adjust To: Saying Goodbye to Mommy and Daddy

I think we may all agree that our parents drive us crazy 99.9% of the time. We think that no one understands the anxiety and stress we have been under as we approach move in day. But believe it or not, as much anxiety and nervousness we may think we have, our parents probably have five times as many.

Think about it, their baby boy or girl is off to college. They’re off to explore living with new people, trying new things, and balancing rigorous schoolwork. For some of us, we may be 20 minutes away, 6 hours away, or even all the way across an ocean. Its normal for them to feel scared, worried, concerned for their baby girl or boy.

On move in day, that will be the day they “cut the cord.” They’re agreeing to let you make your own choices and trusting that you will take advantage of the great (and expensive) education that you are now presented with. When they try to unpack your clothes for you, make your bed, or try to introduce themselves to everyone in your suite… let them. As much as you think this new change will affect you, remember how much this will also affect them. It is their last time doing this for their baby.

As the day goes on, and it comes time to say goodbye, remember that it is okay to cry when you say goodbye. You don’t have to keep it together all the time. I promise you no one will make fun of you because everyone will be feeling the same way. But after you cry your goodbye’s remind them that you will call when you get a chance and that you will make good choices.

As the days go on, take advantage of all of the events that Trop has scheduled for us. They’re meant for us to meet new people and make the transition to a new lifestyle on our own easier. But when you get down time, make sure you send a text to mom reminding her how much you love her or remind dad of how much those talks he gave you before coming here came in handy.

I promise you that everything will be okay. If you find yourself missing mom and dad too much, remember that in a few short weeks (Thanksgiving) you will be back into their arms, enjoying mom’s homecoooked meals, and still getting lectured just like before!

Juliza Ramirez

Juliza is a first year pre- Biology major at UCSB, from Downey, CA. She enjoys going to Disneyland as often as she can and spending time with family. She plans to become an OBGYN M.D.

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