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How to Kick the Mid-Quarter Blahs

At this point most of us have experienced enough of college to recognize the “mid-quarter blah period” as it’s coming. And it is coming. It’s usually the time after midterms where we’ve all been exhausted from studying to the point of no longer caring or at least to the point of not wanting to put in 100% anymore. When it comes to the decision of taking a nap or going to class, this period makes it easier to pick the former. However, we almost always regret this decision afterwards as we realize we’ve been making a nasty habit of this or as a classmate tells us about how important that one class actually was. But there are several ways to nip this blah period in the bud. To re-inspire yourself:

  1. Try new study techniques to freshen things up!

    If you’re used to holing yourself up in your room and hitting the books, consider finding a study buddy that doesn’t distract you but allows you to have fun while studying

  2. Shift your focus!

    This academic funk can convince you that your classes are boring now and that there’s no point if you’re no longer interested, but find the things that do interest you in the topics you’re learning and focus more on those. Actively seek answers like the intelligent researcher/student that you are. Keep asking questions.

  3. Spruce up other parts of your life!

    Sometimes a slight invigoration in fashion or simply wearing your hair a different way can inspire other sectors in your life as well. It’s all about putting your best foot forward. You may be surprised with what a little change can do to your overall mindset. If not a change in fashion, maybe a change in lifestyle? Be more active. Challenge yourself to meeting more people. Try a new hobby. These changes affect mentality and, in effect, can transfer to other fields as well.

Ria Perera

Ria Perera is a freshman at UC Santa Barbara studying Economics. Ria was born in London, England and raised in sunny California. Some of her interests include singing, dancing, and sketching. Writing is one of her most avid passion and she has been working on a young adult novel for two years that she is hoping to publish.

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