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To Try or Not to Try

I confess that my reservations about even trying to apply for Resident Assistant for Tropicana stemmed from my idea that it has never been my privilege to experience such a position. I discredited myself before even giving myself a chance, something I am not willing to continue to do. I am aware of my capabilities and I know how far I can go with them. I am conscious of my strengths and weaknesses and I never let the latter go unreformed for long. So why couldn’t I make an investment of trust in myself and commit myself to the ‘challenge’ of trying? I write this to alert people to the ability within themselves. No, I don’t know the qualities to be admired of every person that reads this page, but I know people know themselves better than anyone else. Why is it that we need validation from anyone outside of ourselves? Capacity cannot be seen by others if it is not shown to others. This is why I am a firm believer of trying; trying for everything that we may want. So what if it’s not rational? So what if it’s not practical? So what if others think our goals are trivial, insignificant, or negligible? Our dreams are ours to hold. Our dreams come slow and go fast. To let a dream fade unanswered is a crying shame. Only then is it a waste of time. I say, if you want something badly enough, there could be nothing standing in the way of going for it but you. The goal shouldn’t be winning. Success is to be had in the other spoils of simply trying because there is much to gain from the vulnerability of endeavoring. So take another look at what you want and compare it to what you have now. Every accomplishment started with the decision to try. Not completely, one hundred percent satisfied enough with your achievements to die happy right here and now? Then keep working at it. Make your life the movie you’ve always wanted it to be and make yourself the star you’ve countlessly envisioned. You’ll find that with a little confidence and devotion, it is not impossible.

Ria Perera

Ria Perera is a freshman at UC Santa Barbara studying Economics. Ria was born in London, England and raised in sunny California. Some of her interests include singing, dancing, and sketching. Writing is one of her most avid passion and she has been working on a young adult novel for two years that she is hoping to publish.

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