FAQs from Incoming UCSB Students

My name is Gladiola and I am a current student at UCSB, as well as the Leasing Coordinator for Tropicana Del Norte. I was able to meet many incoming students at this year’s Spring Insight event at Tropicana Del Norte’s Question and Answer table. Talking with incoming UCSB students reminded me of my own Spring […]

Have a Fun and Safe Halloween Weekend!

As many of you know, Halloween is just around the corner… BOO! Don’t be scared though, if you follow these 5 tips you’ll have a fun and safe Halloween that you’ll always remember! 1.Flat shoes means safe shoes. Wearing heels is a no-go. You will be walking around a lot and might not have the best surface […]

How to Build a Tasty and Flavorful Mexican Salad

Being at Trop for almost 5 years… yes five, I have found ways to eat healthy and mix it up each day without going out and spending money that, lets be honest, I don’t have. Some of you might be getting to the point where a PB&J sandwich just isn’t tasting the way it used […]

Things to Do in Santa Barbara

We are really fortunate to live in Santa Barbara where many people come to vacation! Though most of our time as students is spent in itty bitty Isla Vista, try to get out at some point over the course of the 4 years and explore your new home! Here are some ideas for your future […]

Getting Around your College Town

Trop’s Tips for Everyday Transport Walk around Isla Vista during the school year and what do you notice? Everyone is trying to go somewhere. One of my favorite things about this beachside college town is the eclectic variety of ways that people get around. The fact that the majority of the UCSB population lives within […]

How to Kick the Mid-Quarter Blahs

At this point most of us have experienced enough of college to recognize the “mid-quarter blah period” as it’s coming. And it is coming. It’s usually the time after midterms where we’ve all been exhausted from studying to the point of no longer caring or at least to the point of not wanting to put […]