Study Sanctuaries at UCSB

Everyone needs a place to get away to either study or just hang out. It’s always good to get that needed alone time. I find myself going crazy when I can’t take a moment to relax and enjoy – me! It can get pretty hectic in college, especially when its social central. Friends are always […]

Culture Shock: Adjusting to Life as a UCSB Student

Coming to the University of California Santa Barbara from a small town Coming to the University of California Santa Barbara was a big change from Greenfield, California. (No one knows where that is so I have to say I’m from Salinas, and if they still don’t know where that is, I end up saying I’m […]

Moving Into Your Residence Hall: 5 Forget-Me-Not Necessities

Moving to another city for college can be a lot of work. There are definitely items that you’ll forget, trust me. These things are easily overlooked and once you realize you forgot them, it’s quite the bummer! I remember the first day moving into Tropicana Del Norte being hectic and crazy. My stuff was everywhere […]
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