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Enjoy Spring Quarter at UCSB

When I first came to UC Santa Barbara, I was amazed by everything that surrounded me, especially the beach. I never knew how I’d have enough time to discover all that is Isla Vista; it just seemed like there was so much to do. But lately, I’ve found myself spending more and more time sitting in my room and watching old episodes of Gossip Girl.

I’m sure that everyone will agree that now that we’ve settled into our new Santa Barbara lives, we’ve stopped adventuring because Santa Barbara is no longer a “new place.” But I think everyone should take advantage of the beautiful sunshine that comes with Spring Quarter and get out and make some memories. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The beach is a seven minute walk or a three minute run away and never ceases to take my breath away, especially around sunset, and is the perfect study break to bring back your focus.

  • On a Thursday or Sunday, head over to the Farmer’s Market that takes place on Market Place Drive. It’s only a ten minute bike ride.

  • If you want to take a day of escape, there’s always a bus going to State Street and, as UCSB students, we are eligible to ride the bus for free with a sticker on our ID from the Associated Students office.

  • Round up a group of friends and drive to Inspiration Point or one of the many other hiking locations located in Santa Barbara.

  • Maybe you just need to remind yourself why you really chose to go to UCSB. Simply step in the elevator at the library, ride up to the eighth floor, and take a look out of any window. Take a breath and realize all that UCSB has to offer.

Take it all in, fellow Gauchos, and go make some memories!

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