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Got Free Time on Your Hands?

As a UCSB student, I wish I could say that I had free time on my hands. It would be just great to relax the day away and just enjoy the warm sun. However, it’s hard! Especially when classes are rolling and we all have our things to do.

If you do find time to just lounge around, here are some things you can definitely say were worth it. Okay, I can’t promise you that one hundred percent, but they are really good suggestions, IMHO.

  1. Hit the gym. Yeah, you heard me. Nothing feels better than going to the fitness center at Del Norte and working on your body for a bit. That feeling of self-improvement will last all day. Then you won’t feel as bad to have that ice cream cone at the i.v. drip. (YUM!)

  2. Take a nice nap. Believe it or not, even though naps may seem useless when you’re bouncing around all day – just take them. If you have time in between classes, it’s less likely that you’ll fall asleep in your chair while your teacher lectures in class. Beware! Only take naps 12-25 minutes long. There are studies that have been done that say those times are the best. I honestly don’t know what studies specifically, but a quick Google search or exploration on Wikipedia will show you the results!

  3. De-stress with music. Sometimes you can feel as if life may be too quiet. Just stick in those ear buds and drown out the silence around you. This can clear your mind and prepare you for whatever is coming. Try not to listen to music too loud or you may blow your eardrums out! It’s nice to lie in bed and just enjoy the tunes. I believe that it will set your mind straight and put your moods in order. You know how we can all get moody.

  4. Take a walk with whoever else has free time to grab a bite. Yeah, I know that Tropicana Del Norte has a meal plan that allows you to eat as much as you like! However, you don’t want to forget to enjoy the little things in life, like going out for a bite on occasion. It may make a little impact on your wallet, but seriously, it will be worth it. Plus, you go out to enjoy the company as well.

  5. Play some games. If you really just want to enjoy the company around home, play some pool or ping-pong, or even take a swim. The Tropicana Del Norte front desk also has board games available to borrow, so take a stab at Taboo, Pictionary or chess. It’s always nice to have a little competition in your life.

  6. Go to the hot tub on campus. Last, but not least, go and melt your troubles away as you slowly enjoy the steamy waters of the hot tub at the UCSB Rec Cen. It is amazing to just relax all those muscles you’ve been using while walking, biking, or even standing while bussing to class. The hot tub is definitely the way to go. I wish I had one in my room!

There are many ways to use your free time, and these are are just a couple of ways to relax and enjoy yourself. I know you all need your alone time, and when you do get it – make the most of it!

Mayle T.

Mayle is from Santa Clarita, Southern California and is currently attending UCSB. She is a Biology Major, and is hopefully going to claim her Bio-Psychology major next quarter. She loves to write, draw, play tennis, and socialize.

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