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Treat Yourself to a Post-Midterm Break

Now that UCSB midterm season is done, take the opportunity to relax for a couple days, before finals come around the corner. School can be such a stressful thing, but remember, it will end eventually. That’s why you need to make most of your time here and just enjoy the little things while you can. For example, if you have a whole lot of work to do but you just can’t pull yourself together to do it, take a break. There is no harm of using an hour or two to grab a bite to eat or chat with your friends. However, the hardest part about taking a break is to remember to get back to work afterwards! I know that when I see my friends, I just want to hang out with them and catch up on the great things in life – the things that don’t stress you out.

To make sure that you won’t explode under the soon-to-be craziness of finals, here are a couple places I enjoy walking to for a treat when I need to relieve my stress.

  • Starbucks – It is literally right down the street from Tropicana on Embarcadero del Norte and the service is nice and usually quick. It’s a great place to get in and out, plus enjoy a refreshing drink.

  • Equilibrium Cafe – This is a wonderful crepe place. I would eat here every single day if the Freshman 15 was not a factor. They have great homemade crepes and a nice selection of ice cream flavors. If you’re craving something sweet or savory, don’t hesitate. The price is great. Equilibrium is located on Pardall Road.

  • Hana Kitchen – I love this new restaurant! They have really delicious boba drinks, slushies, and lunch bowls. If you never had boba before, this is a great place to go to try the Asian drink with tapioca “pearls.” I kinda want to go and get some right now! It’s also located on Pardall.

  • Bagel Café – I can’t stop thinking about which delicious bagel to order the next time I go. This is a small shop on Trigo Road, but hard to miss. It’s always filled with people. I suggest you try all the flavors on the menu, just not all at one time! There’s even a nice little park next to it, so you can sit and enjoy your Hannah Bananah or Irish Special bagel in the sun.

I hope that you will take a break from all your studying, just for a couple hours. School is definitely important and I want you to succeed, but to succeed you need to learn to balance your own well-being. By taking a nice breather and relaxing a bit, I promise you will be more level-headed and ready to finish your tasks.

Mayle T.

Mayle is from Santa Clarita, Southern California and is currently attending UCSB. She is a Biology Major, and is hopefully going to claim her Bio-Psychology major next quarter. She loves to write, draw, play tennis, and socialize.

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